Milyazim Anvarov - Class of 2018


i spent 5 years at brandon hall. i absolutely enjoyed every experience while in school. my teachers made the learning experience valuable and my coaches made sports memorable and fun. i was introduced a lot of educational, sporting, and recreational opportunities. moreover, the teachers and administrators encouraged me to take part in all these opportunities and made all activities fun. the bhs community fostered me to find and do things i enjoyed and led me to take the best direction based on what i liked. bhs is a part of my family and i continue to visit and stay involved. bhs has left a huge impact in my life!


Lauren St. Martin - Class of 2014

皇冠hg0088全讯my name is lauren and i graduated from brandon hall in 2014. the moment we drove up to brandon hall’s campus, i knew this was going to be the school for me. not only did i love the atmosphere, my parents did too.

the first thing i saw driving up were the famous brandon hall deer. the school is on a nature reserve which makes the learning environment a peaceful and beautiful place to learn and study. each and every teacher i had not only taught me in a small class setting in ways i understood, but they also all taught us morals and how to be upstanding citizens.

皇冠hg0088全讯brandon hall is not your typical school. i considered it my safe haven. brandon hall helped me get into very prominent schools, including loyola and vassar. if i could give any advice to parents or students considering this school, take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that brandon hall has to offer.


Thomas Puri - Class of 2015

皇冠hg0088全讯brandon hall school is a hidden gem that is absolutely amazing. the experience starts when he or she drives through the school gate and then up the driveway with views of the river to the right while heading toward the magnificent stone great hall.

as an alumni of the school, i can well assure prospective families that their child will be in the best hands with the teachers and staff. the faculty and staff truly care about the students and are available around the clock to help with student needs. not only does brandon hall have a college preparatory education environment, but the school’s faculty and staff teach life lessons to the students that will be used for decades to come . brandon hall is nothing but great, and is a one of a kind school that cannot be found anywhere else . 


Emily Rottner - Class of 2014

皇冠hg0088全讯i was a student at brandon hall school from 2012-2014. i formed so many amazing relationships with the faculty, staff and my fellow classmates. it was my home away from home and i’m forever thankful for all the memories and friendships i made... the staff had open arms and i learned so much. brandon hall will always have a special place in my heart and i can’t wait to see what’s next to come!


Olivia Bryan - Class of 2017

皇冠hg0088全讯i enrolled at brandon hall in 2013 and was a student there for 4 1/2 years (1 year as a boarding student before transitioning to a day student). the reasons i am grateful for attending brandon hall are endless and helped shape who i am today.

皇冠hg0088全讯the small classroom sizes allowed teachers to give their full attention to each student and the opportunity to work one on one with them when needed. it also made it much easier for teachers to get to know their students personally. i was able to build relationships with my teachers, coaches, administration, and dorm staff, and always had an adult that i felt i could trust to turn to in times of need. the faculty genuinely cares for each one of their students and wants to see them succeed not only academically, but in all areas of their lives. many students face difficulties and challenges during their high school years for numerous reasons, and having support and guidance through them is very important.

皇冠hg0088全讯the teachers are genuinely passionate about the subjects they are teaching and do their best to make their classes enjoyable and keep students engaged. their enthusiastic teaching approach has given me a lasting interest in numerous subjects. mr. langley gave me a permanent love for american history, and mr. chruszcz sparked my lifelong curiosity about astronomy. mr. huitt and mr. payne taught me an incredible amount of knowledge and skills i needed to become a better writer and helped broaden my vocabulary. mrs. flamer gave me a passion for art and painting and taught me how to believe in myself and my skills anytime i felt discouraged. i regularly lacked confidence in my math skills, but mr. murphy and mr. rogers always took the time to make sure i grasped the concept and felt comfortable solving problems.

皇冠hg0088全讯not only did brandon hall help me succeed academically, but athletically as well. coach drilling is incredibly passionate about athletics and what he does, and is dedicated to making every team at brandon hall successful. he is supportive of every bhs athlete and helping them improve their skills. i played numerous sports while at brandon hall, but tennis was my true passion. coach payne led my five seasons on the girl's tennis team, and i couldn't have accomplished everything i did if i didn't have her. she pushed me to be the absolute best i could be and saw potential in me even when i couldn't see it myself. anytime i felt discouraged, she gave me the reassurance i needed to believe in myself and my abilities. she was a mentor to every athlete she coached and not only left an impact of my life as an athlete but in all aspects. she not only cared about us as athletes but our academic and personal success as well. her leadership and guidance led our team to win the girl's state championship.

皇冠hg0088全讯as an 8th grader, i had a tough time transitioning to boarding school and being away from my family. the support i had from the dorm staff made my transition so much easier, and they were always there for the students. ms. bell would spend hours talking to me, listening to my feelings, and offering advice that has stuck with me today. every student trusted her, and she would make time for anyone who needed support. her, along with the other dorm staff, made students feel as though they had family away from home.

皇冠hg0088全讯brandon hall is a close-knit school, and i'm incredibly grateful for the many lifelong friends i made, all from numerous backgrounds. my class was one big family by the time we graduated, and we almost all still communicate daily. the headmaster, dean fusto, genuinely cares about the success of each student at brandon hall. he not only cares about students currently enrolled but the alumni as well. he is dedicated to making brandon hall the best school possible and is passionate about the education and lives of its students.

皇冠hg0088全讯i will forever be grateful for my time at brandon hall, the faculty and students i met there, and the skills i acquired there that have helped me get to where i am today.


Evan Langfelder - Class of 2015

皇冠hg0088全讯attending brandon hall was the best gift i could have ever received. i started at brandon hall during a challenging time in my life and it couldn't have been the more perfect fit for me. the small classroom environment allowed me to focus and absorb more information. classes were taught by teachers who truly live and breathe the school. the teachers and staff show so much compassion and it's evident that they love what they do. the extremely low turnover rate speaks directly to this. i was a day student and while the campus was home to many students who live in the dorms, it was home to me as well. brandon hall put me on a path to excel following my high school years, all throughout college and beyond. i am currently working my dream job within the nfl and am forever grateful for brandon hall to help get me to this point today.


Pashali Anvarov - Class of 2016

皇冠hg0088全讯i graduated from brandon hall after spending 3 years of my high school there. coming in as a sophomore, i was able to compare my previous public school experience. academically, i enjoyed the individualized approach that brandon hall offered. in sports, i would have never played soccer and wrestled had i not been at brandon hall. together with all that was offered to me, i truly believe brandon hall left a positive impact in my life and changed how i view education. my idea of school became fun and nourishing rather than hard and disciplinary. i am very fortunate that brandon hall became and continues to be a part of my life!