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The “Apply Now” link above directs you to create an account on the Enrollment Management Association website, and begins the application process.

Below, you will find a list of requirements to be considered for admission.

  • completion of online application

  • birth certificate and/or passport

  • schedule an interview

  • 皇冠hg0088全讯report card or official transcript

  • math and english teacher evaluations

  • counselor/principal evaluation

brandon hall school uses the standard application online (sao). to learn more about using the sao and begin your application,

International Student Admissions

every day at brandon hall, we celebrate that our students represent over 20 different countries. please find more information below on how to help us to continue to grow our international presence.

Applying for a United States Student Visa

皇冠hg0088全讯in order for an international student (any student that holds a foreign passport) to enroll at brandon hall, he/she must obtain an f-1 (or student) visa. please inquire with your country’s embassies and consulates about the visa policies.

皇冠hg0088全讯please plan ahead for your studies in the u.s. and allow plenty of time for visa processing. you should not apply for a student visa more than 90 days before the registration date noted on the i-20 form.

皇冠hg0088全讯visa processing varies depending on the volume of applications processed by an individual consulate or embassy. notifications of acceptance or denial range from one to ten weeks. (please be aware that june, july, and august are the busiest months for visa processing.)

The I-20 Form

Brandon Hall is authorized under Federal Law to enroll nonimmigrant students. Prior to applying for an F-1 visa, the following must occur:

  • 皇冠hg0088全讯you must apply and be accepted to brandon hall

  • you must submit your signed enrollment contract and your tuition deposit to be confirmed as enrolled.  

  • 皇冠hg0088全讯once you are confirmed as enrolled, brandon hall school will issue an “i-20 form - certificate of eligibility for nonimmigrant student status”.   this form allows you to apply for an f-1 student visa.


Additional Required Documents

English Equivalency Test

皇冠hg0088全讯in some cases, international students (specifically high school students), whose first language is not english, may be asked to take the toefl, toefl junior, or ielts exam. these test results must be sent directly from the testing center.

TOEFL School Code is 7474

Official Transcript

all official transcripts must be received by mail from the previous school before an admission decision will be made. a final official transcript will also need to be mailed once the student has completed their final semester at their previous school.  transcripts in languages other than english, must be translated by an official translation company.