+ Do you have an ESL Program?

yes. for students who do not use english as their primary language, brandon hall offers esl i, esl ii, and esl iii classes. the classes are developmentally based and designed to help students refine their english skills so they may join our college preparatory courses.

皇冠hg0088全讯esl i - the english as a second language i course at brandon hall is designed to allow students who are non-native speakers of english to develop skills in all aspects of the english language: speaking, reading, writing and listening. the objective is to improve english skills, preparing students to assist them in everyday life in the united states. the emphasis will be on the spoken word and the structure of the language.

esl ii - the english as a second language ii course is designed to assist students who are non-native speakers of english to increase their skills in all aspects of the english language: speaking, reading, writing and listening. the emphasis will be on oral communication, grammar mechanics, reading and writing skills.

esl iii - the english as a second language iii is used in conjunction with college preparatory english classes to support english language learners in traditional english courses. the english iii course is designed to guide students who are non-native speakers of english to proficient use of the english language. the objective is to increase english skills and prepare students for the rigor of university classes.

+ How many international students will you accept this year?

皇冠hg0088全讯brandon hall does not set a limit to the number of international students we accept; however, the esl program is smaller and will fill up. students who do not need to take advantage of the esl program will be accepted until we have met the maximum number of students for each grade level.

+ Do international students have to take the SSAT, TOEFL, or SLEP to apply? What are the minimum scores?

only high school candidates must present the ssat scores. other testing that may be considered in lieu of ssat scores include the sat, act, plan, psat, or igcses. these tests must be mailed directly to the office of admissions from the testing facilitator. additional items may be requested after a review of the above documents.

皇冠hg0088全讯in addition, international students seeking admission may be required to submit the following: all international students (high school and middle school) whose first language is not english are required to take the toefl exam, the toefl junior, or the ielts. these test results must be sent directly from the testing center.

皇冠hg0088全讯all official transcripts must be received via mail from the previous schools.

Brandon Hall’s code for the SSAT is 1790. Brandon Hall’s code for the TOEFL is 7474.

+ For which grade should I apply?

most students apply for the same grade they would enter in their home country. however, it is sometimes a good idea to apply for the same grade you are finishing at home, to give you one more year of education in english before applying for college. repeating one grade when moving to an american school has many benefits; however, students competing in athletics will not gain an extra year of eligibility. each situation is different, and you should discuss this with our admissions office.

+ Can I apply as an incoming 11th or 12th grader?

皇冠hg0088全讯if you are applying for 11th or 12th grade you will need a high command of english. a toefl score of 95 (ibt) generally shows this readiness, as does prior experience in a mainstream program at another american school.

+ Can I apply for the spring term (beginning in January)?

yes; however, you must have transcripts available to show your fall semester coursework. if this is not available, it will delay any admission to the school. entering the school in the spring semester may also require a partial or full payment for the next school year. brandon hall actively works to admit students who are interested in being a part of our entire school program.

+ Do you offer scholarships for international students?

皇冠hg0088全讯yes. we offer aid for qualified students; however, there is a limited amount of money available. a student entering the school later in the school year may find funds are unavailable from the school.

+ Do you have orientation for new international students?

皇冠hg0088全讯individual orientation is conducted for every new student. if a student arrives brandon hall at the beginning of a semester, the orientation will be in a group setting. international students will be given specifics about leaving the country and i-20/visa requirements for school holidays, etc.

+ How do I apply to take AP Courses? Can I take a course in the IB program at the same time?

ap courses are available to students who have shown the ability to take on the larger workload required in an ap course. students who are enrolled in an ap course must take the ap exam that is traditionally given each may. students must fill out an ap application in order to take the ap courses.

the ib program is separate from the traditional college-prep curriculum offered at brandon hall. students enrolled in the ib program will start the courses as juniors and will complete the courses as seniors. if a student wishes to join the ib program, he or she must join as a first-semester junior. students enrolling after the start of the year will not be considered.

+ What colleges do Brandon Hall's international graduates attend?

each year, brandon hall's seniors apply to a great variety of colleges; this variety represents the individuality of our students. here is a list of some of the great schools where our recent graduates are studying.

Recent College Acceptances

Recent College Acceptances