every day, in all corners of the globe, brandon hall students, alumni, and faculty impact the world. your altruism and ongoing support catapult our school forward to dream new dreams and innovate in ways that honor our school’s core mission to live lives of “leadership, scholarship, and service.” 

in our 61 years as a boarding and day school, our campus and culture has benefitted immeasurably from the gifts and expressions of kindness and stewardship from so many generous friends and believers in brandon hall like you. our gratitude abounds yet we all understand that the road ahead leads us to face new challenges. covid19 has had such devastating effects on our world, but not on our spirits. your desire to help us and to give back is a powerful statement that resonates across classrooms, dormitories, arts studios, and athletic fields. 

皇冠hg0088全讯in 2020-2021, our ability to transform young lives continues with new purpose. the advancement team is here to push forward our mission and to help plant new seeds of hope for brandon hall’s present and future. we hope you will call or visit us anytime to discuss the myriad ways you can help us thrive as a school and a community. our students, alumni, and faculty will continue to be bright, shining lights in the local community, our nation, and our world.

Dean J. Fusto  President & Head of School

Dean J. Fusto
皇冠hg0088全讯President & Head of School

Jamin Cundiff  Dorm Parent & Advancement Office Associate

Jamin Cundiff
皇冠hg0088全讯Dorm Parent & Advancement Office Associate

Allison Chernutan  Director of Marketing Communications

Allison Chernutan
Director of Marketing Communications

Kristen Bell  Director of Outreach and Community Service

Kristen Bell
Director of Outreach and Community Service