Mr. Dean J. Fusto  President and Head of Brandon Hall School

Mr. Dean J. Fusto
皇冠hg0088全讯President and Head of Brandon Hall School

皇冠hg0088全讯my brandon hall story began in the summer of 2016 when my family (minuet p’20, angelina 20’, and ba gp’20) moved into the river house. when one is fortunate enough to live and work in an amazing community, the drive and desire to give back is immeasurable. brandon hall’s  stunning campus, and its unrivaled natural setting on the banks of the chattahoochee river are ongoing sources of inspiration for all who live, work, and study here. one might not expect that these 24 serene, verdant acres are home to a thriving, vibrant group of students, teachers, coaches, and administrators who are collectively focused to lead lives of leadership, scholarship, and service. 

our talented faculty and staff are galvanized in our call to celebrate learning, foster international citizenship, embrace diversity, encourage athleticism and artistic expression, and inspire students to find their path and lead the way. the core hallmark of a brandon hall education is not merely to uncover or discover one’s passion in life, but to blaze new trails and inspire others to do the same. our students are committed, talented, resourceful, and engaged. in 2019-2020, they partnered with over 20 community organizations to serve others and to be part of the solution to challenges big and small, , including embarking on service and cultural trips to the bahamas and bermuda.

finally, i marvel at the impact our small school has had in so many corners of the world. brandon hall’s center for global youth leadership and social entrepreneurial studies now comprises 10 international partner schools in bermuda, china, colombia, côte d’ivoire, the dominican republic, and vietnam with new connections and exchanges always emerging and evolving. when you think of brandon hall, understand that our school and our students are part of a dynamic educational community whose greatest accomplishments are continuously unfolding and flowing just like the beautiful river that borders our campus.

- Dean J. Fusto