Melinda Payne  Upper School Head

Melinda Payne
Upper School Head

the brandon hall curriculum is found in our brandon hall performance standards.  these standards are updated yearly, as students and teachers grow and develop together.  the standards were created by brandon hall teachers and are used daily in the classroom to guide the learning process.  though national and state standards are debated and criticized for taking the innovation and creativity out of the classroom, the brandon hall performance standards are continuously evolving as education is constantly changing to embrace and encourage creativity and innovation.  our teachers are committed to high academic standards and helping our students lead lives of leadership, scholarship, and service.  

our teachers are highly qualified educators who are committed to providing our students many opportunities to learn.  they are in constant communication with parents through monthly email communication and weekly gradebook updates.  communication is vital and plays an integral role in each student’s success. we encourage parents to contact us if/when the need arises.  

brandon hall academics are constantly evolving.  brandon hall has long offered regular, honors, and advanced placement courses.  we are adding the international baccalaureate diplomma program to our course offerings beginning with the class of 2022.  the program will be just one more option for brandon hall students to choose as they find their path and lead the way.

i encourage you to reach out and ask questions about the academics at brandon hall.

- Melinda Payne