dear international families,

We know these have been challenging times for all of us. We have sent several communications over the past weeks to outline our Reopening plans. We place safety at the forefront of everything we do and our decisions are based on leading health experts and global agencies including WHO, CDC, and AAP (American Association of Pediatrics). We also have the following link to a vast amount of COVID-19 information on our website ( that is available to you 24 hours a day. We constantly update our information. Please take a few moments to carefully read the many safeguards we have implemented to keep our community safe. 

皇冠hg0088全讯while these plans represent the school’s current research and thinking, there are also factors of this pandemic that are beyond our control, so please understand that all of these plans are subject to change in response to sevis regulations and other circumstances.


our highest priority is to put in place the applicable guidelines and recommendations by the cdc and the state guidelines that are required to help in safeguarding the health and well-being of our students and staff. in our reopening plan, we outlined the following measures, and we are providing additional detailed information as follows:

Temperature Screenings: Students, faculty, staff and visitors will receive a temperature check at the beginning of each school day or upon arrival to campus. We will provide temperature checks for our boarding students BEFORE they leave the dorm each morning and our Residential Life staff will have the ability to spot-check students at other times during the school day. 

Wellness Checks: Students, faculty, staff and visitors will be required to submit to a wellness check that gives them an opportunity to disclose any COVID-19 signs and symptoms as an additional safety measure to accompany our temperature checks. We have made plans to adjust our attendance policies to provide students to stay away from campus should they present with any of the signs and symptoms until they are able to be diagnosed, tested, and able to provide a negative COVID-19 test result.

Isolation Locations: We have identified several locations on our campus to serve as isolation locations for students or faculty that present with any COVID-19 symptoms throughout the school day. Arrangements will be coordinated with our on-site medical staff to assist sick persons with getting diagnosed and tested for COVID-19. If anyone tests positive for COVID-19, arrangements will be made for that person to be quarantined (including boarders), until they are able to present a negative COVID-19 test result. 

Face Coverings: Students, faculty, staff and visitors will be required to wear a face covering when indoors and when physical distancing is difficult. The school will provide each student with a reusable face covering, and students will have the option to purchase additional reusable and temporary face coverings as necessary, as this requirement to wear face coverings when in the presence of others is a key element in helping to prevent the spread of infection, especially from asymptomatic carriers.

Physical Distancing: We will practice and encourage physical distancing with signage and other reminders throughout the campus. Our faculty and staff will be responsible for participating in the monitoring and enforcement of physical distancing guidelines, especially during class changes and lunch periods.

Hand Hygiene:皇冠hg0088全讯 A hand sanitizing station will be located at each building entrance, and everyone will be encouraged to use it upon entry. We will also continue to promote proper hand-washing and hygiene. Additionally, there will be sanitizing processes in classrooms between class changes, and we will supply classrooms with hand sanitizer that is available to students in classrooms at all times.

Campus Cleaning: 皇冠hg0088全讯The school has contracted with our custodial staff for additional services that include intra-day cleaning and sanitizing processes within all commonly used areas around campus such as lobbies, restrooms, locker rooms, auditoriums, etc.

Food Services: Our dining services provider, Flik, is working with us to implement food safety guidelines that provides more safety for our students and staff. We will increase our cleaning and food preparation protocols, and we will introduce additional safety by using additional protective barriers and discontinue the self-serve options during meals which requires multiple diners to handle serving utensils. Our meals will either be served by Flik employees or served in pre-packaged containers for individual consumption. In addition, we will limit the number of people in the dining hall at the same time, and we will open up other areas of the campus to allow students to eat with proper physical distance.



  • our residential life and medical staff have completed a covid-19 contact tracing course through johns hopkins university.

  • 皇冠hg0088全讯our medical services coordinator lives on campus.

  • the school has a designated residential administrator who is on-call 24/7.

  • 皇冠hg0088全讯we have currently eliminated our 5-day boarding program, and boarders will be in family units and not be coming and going from campus to create less exposure risk.

  • we will limit non-residential staff on campus after 3:00pm during school days and on the weekends.

  • 皇冠hg0088全讯staff will complete ongoing training in the area of covid-19 best safety practices.

  • 皇冠hg0088全讯staff are required to wear facial coverings.

  • 皇冠hg0088全讯we are planning to conduct a covid-19 test for every community member upon arrival.

  • facial coverings will be required for students outside of dorm rooms (at least for the first few weeks).

  • 皇冠hg0088全讯there will be a phased approach to easing/imposing restrictions based on risks in our local area.

  • we continue to connect and align plans with best practices of other peer boarding schools.

  • the school will have increased outdoor programming and seating.

  • 皇冠hg0088全讯orientation for boarding students will highlight and practice the new safety measures and policies.

  • physical distancing measures will be in place on campus, even in the dorm setting.

  • students will eat on campus at different times and with their family unit only.

  • students will be assigned specific bathrooms on each floor to limit contact (there are plenty of bathrooms on each floor to accommodate this).

  • 皇冠hg0088全讯a community agreement will be in place for students and staff to practice safety guidelines, even when off campus.

  • The dorm will potentially remain open during a campus closure (for COVID-19) based on guidance from local health officials and school and board leadership.


皇冠hg0088全讯regarding the new sevis regulations, here are the most important updates and information in response to common questions from our current f1 students:

  1. we are offering the "hybrid model" referenced in the sevp/ice update for f1 students.

  2. you must return to campus as soon as travel allows it (a flight is available).

  3. if travel doesn't allow you to return to campus by the first day of school, august 10th (no flights are available), you can begin with our online learning program. however, you must return to campus as soon as travel allows or we will be required to terminate your i-20.

  4. 皇冠hg0088全讯we will update your i-20 and email it to you.

  5. 皇冠hg0088全讯f1 students within the united states are not permitted to take a full course of study through online classes.

here is a link to the update sent by ice sevp:


while we cannot predict what the pandemic landscape will look like as we approach the start of the school year, we know that brandon hall will be operational and ready to provide a world-class education. 

皇冠hg0088全讯the school expects to share additional reopening details with our families and community as they become available in the weeks ahead.

皇冠hg0088全讯until then, we hope you and your family have a safe summer.