Student Leadership Opportunities

皇冠hg0088全讯at brandon hall, our students become leaders. there are many programs on campus designed to help students improve their leadership skills and make a difference on the campus.

+ Student Leadership and Diversity Council

our student leadership and diversity council is the voice for our diverse community. these students strive to live by the panther pillars daily and assist in all areas of school operations. from leading assemblies, to being the voice for change among our student body, they embody all that it means to be a brandon hall panther. things they work on weekly include, event planning such as prom, proposal writing for changes to policies that affect our student population, how to be a steward of brandon hall school, as well as proper etiquette.

+ Boarding Prefect System

students can apply to be leaders in the dormitory through the prefect system. these students will be involved in all aspects of student leadership in the dorm, including meeting with the dorm parents and director of residential life in order to make affect meaningful change to the brandon hall campus.

+ Rogers' Recyclers

皇冠hg0088全讯our reccling program is available for middle schoolers interested in maintaining the principles of reduce-reuse-recycle on the brandon hall campus.

+ Micro-Grants for Student Innovation

a series of micro-grants for students to inspire the cultivation of new and innovative ideas and practices in and out of the classroom. these grants are meant for students who wish to take on a rigorous leadership project that benefits the school or the broader community.

Virtual Assembly Playlist - See Our Student Leaders In Action