Counseling Program


The Counseling Program offers members of our community support in their endeavors to become successful individuals, preparing them to be thriving and contributing international citizens throughout the course of their lives. Students’ positive self-discovery and their social-emotional growth are vital components of that journey. We believe that the willingness and ability to explore and confront difficulties that impede personal and academic growth in a proactive manner leads to an increased level of emotional intelligence, the development of grit and resilience, and greater strength of character. The Counseling Office works collaboratively with students, families, faculty/staff, and administrators as well as outside resources to address academic, personal, and social needs and to effectively advocate for students and families. Students are encouraged to seek out the counselor for individual meetings as needed. Parents are also encouraged reach out to the Counseling Office with any concerns and/or for consultation regarding student issues. Faculty, staff and administration will also refer student needs to the Counseling Office when warranted. While the Counseling Office encourages a collaborative approach to addressing students concerns, students and families should remain assured that all work be undertaken following guidelines of confidentiality. For more information, please contact Jeffrey Goodell, Director of Counseling.

Learning Support Center


皇冠hg0088全讯the learning support center is designed to help students who struggle with executive functions. time management, prioritizing, reading comprehension, math and writing skills are developed in the lsc for a class period. literacy help is provided by an orton-gillingham reading specialist. students will be given help with homework completion.

we work with students on preparing for assignments, time management, using an academic agenda, study skills, and test-taking skills. support is provided by experienced teachers in english, history, math, and science. students also receive help with daily assignments. 

the learning support center was created to teach students to self-advocate and work to become self-directed learners.

For more information, please contact Audrey Sturick, Learning Support Center Lead Teacher.

Freshman Seminar & Senior Seminar

皇冠hg0088全讯freshman seminar is a class specifically designed for all ninth graders to support their transition into high school. the curriculum includes standardized test preparation, organizational skills, character development, and leadership training. freshmen will also be part of a new program to start them on the path to college. more information to come!

皇冠hg0088全讯senior seminar focuses on comprehensive preparation for a student’s college experience. support is provided in completion of college applications, identification of a core group of schools, and admissions essays.

Study Hall

all boarding students have a quiet study hall time sunday through thursday evenings to complete homework assignments. those students who need more support in the evenings will attend a study hall with a brandon hall faculty member.

Office Hours

皇冠hg0088全讯our daily academic schedule includes time every weekday for students to get extra help on assignments from their teachers. typically, office hours are held in teacher classrooms.