The Brandon Hall Visual Arts Program creates opportunities for students to grow in effective academic and social ways through the explorations of hands-on art. Students will be introduced to a variety of art forms and demonstrate rigorous inquiry into specific disciplinary fields of study. The curricula guides development of the students’ technical skills and higher-order thinking. The developmentally appropriate set of standards for high school has been designed to develop aesthetic understanding, creative thinking, technical skills and knowledge, historical and cultural context, critical analysis, and connections to other disciplines.

皇冠hg0088全讯mixed media

皇冠hg0088全讯the purpose of the mixed media course is to build upon the students understanding and ability to work an expansive topic and their approach to various tools, media, materials and techniques. students will be examining the process of creating 2 and 3 dimensional works. an understanding of elements and principles of design will be developed through drawing and painting, assemblage, low relief sculpture and an introduction into sculpture in the round. materials may include building mass with wire and subtractive carving. a variety of artists and art styles will be studied as students discover how they are relevant in art history and to the individual student’s work.



printmaking outlines the process in which the student creates an original artwork or “plate” and through various means produces multiple fine art prints. students are given the opportunity to practice art fundamentals while learning the technical skills of relief printmaking in the form of linoleum and collograph, intaglio (dry point etching), and monoprints. historical references from the past century will be examined. the basic principles of design such as value, contour, focal point and color theory will be stressed within printed compositions. a variety of art movements will be studied and integrated into student projects.



in drawing/painting, students will develop their technical and compositional skills by using a wide range of drawing media such as, graphite, colored pencil, india ink, and oil pastel. throughout the semester, the emphasis of the class will be drawing from observation and composition studies. periodically during the semester, students will transition to painting. the emphasis will be to develop their technical painting skills in watercolor and acrylic. students will explore a variety of traditional and non-traditional subject matter such as still life, pattern design, illustrations, and graphics, including personal ideas, taste and styles. students will continue to develop their compositional understanding by applying the elements and principles of design to their sketches, drawings and paintings. a variety of artists and art styles will be studied as students discover how they are relevant in art history and to the individual student’s work.